It’s no secret that vitamin D is important for one’s overall health and wellness. Sun exposure is an important source of vitamin D, as sunlight stimulates its production in the body. All of the body’s organ systems require vitamin D to function properly; even the penis benefits from this essential nutrient, as it improves overall cell function and helps to ward off disease.

However, too much sun exposure brings with it harmful UV rays, which damage the skin and contribute to skin cancer and premature aging. Furthermore, those who do not live in a climate that is sunny year-round may experience vitamin D deficiencies. Fortunately, there are other ways to introduce this vitamin to the body, including enriched foods, dietary supplements and fortified skin creams.

What are the Benefits of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D has numerous benefits that are necessary to overall health. It helps contribute to a healthy body in the following ways:

  • Builds strong teeth, bones, and nails through improved calcium absorption;
  • Improved neuromuscular functioning;
  • Helps to prevent osteoporosis;
  • May help to prevent mental health issues such as depression or schizophrenia;
  • May inhibit the development of prostate and colon cancer;
  • Improves and maintains a healthy immune system;
  • Contributes to eye health;
  • Aids in the absorption of vitamins A and C, as well as calcium;
  • Improves skin health and appearance;
  • Helps in the treatment of diabetes and obesity.

Sources of Vitamin D

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends individuals get 600 IU (international units) of vitamin D daily; those over 70 years of age should get 800 IU. Sun exposure is an easy way to get a daily dose of vitamin D; however, too much time in the sun can contribute to skin cancer, premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles. Rather than relying on the sun as the only source of vitamin D, a better plan may be to seek alternative sources — by noshing on vitamin rich foods, taking dietary supplements, or using vitamin-enriched skin crèmes. Portabella and shitake mushrooms, salmon, tuna, eel, cod liver oil, sardines, mackerel, beef liver, egg yolks, and of course milk, are all excellent options for adding more vitamin D to the diet. However, many people find it difficult to get enough vitamin D from their diet alone; thus, supplements are another option to increase their intake. Vitamin D can be consumed in pill form through a multivitamin or calcium supplement, but as with any oral supplements, they should be taken under the guidance and recommendation of a doctor. Vitamin D can also be applied topically in a lotion or crème to reap the healthy benefits, as it rapidly penetrates the skin.

Vitamin D and the penis

Applying a cream rich with vitamin D directly to the penis can rapidly improve the appearance of the skin, in part through its moisturizing properties. Vitamin D replenishes dried skin, boosts elasticity and can smooth fine lines and wrinkles in aging skin. Vitamin D is also used as a treatment for psoriasis, which is a condition that commonly inflicts the penis. A vitamin D regimen may help reduce the itching and flaking issues associated with psoriasis; its antioxidant properties can also improve skin cell metabolism and growth contributing to the health of the penis skin.

A penis vitamin crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) packed with vitamin D, minerals, amino acids and other essential vitamins, is nourishing to the penis and revitalizes a tired, unhealthy organ. A daily application not only improves the health and functioning of the manhood, it can also improve the blood flow to the region, as well as enhancing sensitivity for maximum sensation and responsiveness.