Kinshasa is the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). It has many attractive and interesting natural settings and is located alongside the Congo River. In addition to its natural attractions, the city also contains some very significant educational and media institutions. In general, standard medical facilities are scarce in Democratic Republic of Congo. Even though Kinshasa houses some of the better hospitals in the country, do not expect high quality health care service at international standards from these hospitals. The facilities most of them provide are ordinary and the medical service is of average quality. This is a summary of some of the more popular hospitals in Kinshasa.

The address for Centre Medical de Kinshasa (CMK) is Avenue des Wagenias, Commune de la Gombe. This hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Kinshasa. It is properly equipped and provides good medical service in various medical fields. Its equipment includes a brand new CT, X-ray and MRI units in addition to a pharmacy, lab and multiple operating theaters. Comfortable accommodations are also available. Telephone: 243 89 895 0300.

Hospital General de Kinshasa (HGK) located at Avenue Colonel Ebeya, Kinshasa, is one of the largest public sector hospitals in DR Congo. This 2000 bed hospital employs a cumulative staff of 2250 and conducts over 3,000 consultations and 120 deliveries every day. The hospital offers complete and cost effective health care service. During the administration of Dr. William Close, the admired American missionary physician, the hospital achieved many developments including a large maternity ward. He recruited many eminent foreign doctors also. HGK has eight operating rooms, departments in the major medical specialties, intensive care units and laboratories. The hospital is a major referral center and is known to provide good, personal attention. Telephone: 00243 63070; 00243 63050.

Yolo Medical Hospital Centre of Kinshasa situated at 1263 Avenue Yolo, Kinshasa is another popular health care facility in Kinshasa. The private limited company, SPRL manages this hospital. The hospital has been offering effective medical consultations, clinical and surgical service for almost thirty years. In 1987, a new building was added to the hospital complex. The hospital now has suitably equipped operating rooms, a maternity ward and offices for administrative services. Yolo Medical Hospital has a advanced laboratory also. The emergency department of this hospital has many brand new facilities. Telephone: 00243 819995321.

The address for Sdarovia hospital is 84 bis, Avenue Masimanimba, Kinshasa. This service oriented medical facility offers cost effective medical service to those struggling with poverty. Doctor Paul Bobe Alifi Leta founded this nonprofit Christian hospital. The hospital employs 10 staff physicians and a dedicated nursing staff to assure the best personal treatment. The hospital gets generous funding from different parts of the world and uses this for purchasing state-of-the-art equipment. Sdarovia hospital conducts many medical education and research programs and has emerged as one of the best health care centers in DR Congo. The hospital offers good medical care at low price in all major departments and their pediatrics and obstetrics units are particularly satisfactory. Telephone: 0243 97862034.